Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cleanup your colon, Homemad ways

Cleansing your colon is an effective method of rejuvenating your body.There are tons of ways to clean up your colon, you can choose using a pill or you can use the natural ways.

Here's some method to clean your colon natural ways

  • The Lemon Cleanse, can be known as known as the master cleanse, is a popular home recipe where you abstain from eating solid food and drink only lemon water, cayenne peppers, and maple syrup based drinks and drink a laxative tea before retiring for the night.

    When you wake up in the morning, you are supposed to consume a liter of salt water, which will flush your system and rest all the organs in the digestive system. This method of cleansing also helps your body to eliminate a lot of toxins like mucoid plaque, because the cayenne peppers help to break up the mucus and remove the plaque formed within it.

  • The Green Papaye Tropical Cleanse is a colon cleanse made out of the papaya fruit or 'paw paw' as it is often known in a few places where it is grown. Papaya, especially when green, contains an enzyme which acts very strongly on your colon called papain. Papain helps to break down and remove any hardened mucus from your colon and flushes out toxins from the colon. Mucoid plaque occurs when the mucus lining in your colon dries up and hardens. When this happens, parasites start breeding in the dried up mucous and further degenerates the lining. The colon excretes mucus when it is irritated by any food passing through it which irritates it. If there is an excess of such food, then the excess mucus dries up and forms a layer on top of the intestines and colon's inner layer which prevents nutrients from being absorbed into the body.

    Papain, which is present in great abundance in unripe papaya, can break down proteins, fats and starches in a medium of any pH value where as our own bodily enzymes are capable of breaking down nutrients in a medium of a particular pH value only. Therefore, papain is able to cleanse and break down toxins all through the digestive system and not just in one localized area, as it travels through the alimentary canal.

  • Juice Fasting is another popular method of colon cleansing where you drink a lot of fruit and vegetable based juices. Popular and effective fruits and vegetables include mango, apple, pineapple, papaya, and carrot. These have certain enzymes which detoxify the body breakdown the hardened mucus in your colon lining.

So Clean up your colon is easy, and with natural ways, it minimize the risk. And also don't forget to contact a doctor if you don't feel very comfortable.

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