Monday, October 27, 2008

Pro and cons of colon cleansing

Everywhere people have a tendency to eat high cholesterol foods which contain a lot of salt and bad fats, no wonder McDonal have become a very big bussiness. And that poor food choices makes our colon suffers badly.
If only people eat lot more of fibre such as fruits and vegetables, it will definetly improve our colon health.

Because of that one way to keep our colon healthy is through colon cleansing. We know that colon cleansing has been around for many years, and it's become part of our body process. If we want to clean our colon using some of not natural ways, we must carefull and always discuss with the doctor first.

The pro of why cleanse the colon
Many people clain that cleanse our colon is not harmfull because it clean our colon from bad bacteria and infact it give a really good environment for healthy bacteria. Our Feces that have been impacted in the colon can be responsible for a host of unwanted symptoms including depression, chronic headaches, poor appetite, fatigue and constipation. Making sure that you clean the colon on a regular basis keeps symptoms away and your body functioning at a much more efficient level.

The cons of cleanse the colon
Unfortunately, colon cleansing has gotten a bad rap in recent years. The bad wrap is usually a result of misinformation and a poorly trained individual in colon hydrotherapy. With any procedure in regards to the body there is always potential risks. Therefore, it is really important to consult a trained professional so that you know you are doing things correctly. Probably the biggest concern with cleansing the colon is overdoing the liquid intake or not taking in enough liquid.

Make sure that where ever from whoever you get you advice that they have a good reputation. While you may think that colon cleansing isn't for me, regardless of how unhealthy you are cleansing is always good for the health. If you have never cleansed before make sure you talk to a qualified professional so that you know exactly what to expect. Recognize that you and your body are brilliant and that anything that you do to improve your health is a good thing.

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